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“Everything tastes better when we share it with our loved ones, it’s the lifestyle. Starting from the very little things to the valuable ones. The kitchen is one of the spaces that allow us to share more, with love”

Kitchen Arch helps you to create your own dream kitchen that suits your needs and taste. With the innovation and experience of our expert designers KitchenArch provide the best services of verity German models with best and unique materials.

“Your Experience with KitchenArch doesn’t end with buying the kitchen. In fact, it starts with it!”


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Riyadh – Takhassusi Street, Al Rahmaniyah – View on Google Map

Riyadh – Imam Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Road, Al Mursalat – View on Google Map

Riyadh – King Abdulaziz Road Al-yasmine – View on Google Map

Qassim – King Abdulaziz Rd – View on Google Map

Khamis Mushait – King Fahad Rd – View on Google Map

Jeddah – As Salamah – View on Google Map

Medina – King Abdullah Rd – View on Google Map

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Please visit Kitchen Arch website, social media accounts or download the latest product catalog to get familiar with Kitchen Arch kitchens.